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(SRI) Socially Responsible Investing


A socially conscious investor is someone who is passionate about one or more social issues, which may include: cleaning up our environment, pro women’s rights, pro gay rights, pro alternative energy, anti-tobacco, anti-nuclear power, anti-excessive executive compensation, anti-sweat shops, anti-weapons manufacturing and/or military contracting, and so on.

Often they tend to value the human spirit over selfishness and the accumulation of material goods, human rights over corporate greed, and doing what is right over primarily focusing on obtaining wealth.  Like most everyone, socially conscious investors want to live a comfortable life, but not at the expense of others.  They want their money to be invested in what helps mankind and the planet.  In short, they want to make a positive difference and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Sometimes socially conscious investors have their roots from the 60’s as “hippies”.  However, now they are interested in using their money as a “lever” to affect positive social change by steering capital away from what they are opposed to and towards that which they favor, while enjoying competitive returns.  We call this: “Doing Well by Doing Good”.

My clients tend to be open-minded people with a conscience.  Examples include members of my church, as well as other churches and synagogues, people who are interested in personal growth activities, such as Landmark Education, and people who are involved with the arts, such as painters, photographers, sculptors, actors, musicians, and so on. Scott is a strong supporter of “Black Lives Matter”, and has/is serving African American clients as well as members of the LGBTQ community.

It is important to note that before any Socially Responsible Investment decisions are made, we first create a solid financial plan, which leads to the most appropriate investment strategy and types of accounts to utilize.  The SRI tail should not wag the dog.  

Once the planning process is complete, SRI becomes the final overlay that allows for my client’s to make a positive difference in the world while at the same time achieving their own cherished personal financial goals.