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What You Can Expect from Buttfield & Associates

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Each client receives a leather-bound binder containing a comprehensive Financial Plan specifically written for their situation. Plans cover the 7 areas of financial planning: Cash Flow Management, Income and Asset Protection, Education Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Strategy, Retirement Strategy, and Estate Planning.

Financial Plan Implementation Assistance

Financial Plans are only useful if they are implemented. We work with our clients to assure that this happens and within timeframes that serve their needs. This includes items that are compensated, such as Asset Management, as well as non-compensated, such as coordinating with the client’s attorney and/or accountant.

Regarding Asset Management services, Scott’s first choice for Third Party Management is First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, FAFN is a leading provider of socially responsible Asset Management services and has been doing so since 1988. Formerly he had an Investment Advisory Representative relationship with FAFN, and now has a selling agreement arrangement.

Annual Review Meetings

Each client is provided an annual Review Meeting, on or about the anniversary date of our business relationship. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed. These meetings are set up at the mutual convenience of both parties, and may take the form of meeting in my office, the client’s home or office, or over the telephone for out-of-state client relationships. Typically, these meetings cover modifications or adjustments, if any, to cash flow and debt management, income and asset protection, education planning, investments in general, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Annual Renewals

Each client is offered the opportunity to renew the planning relationship, for the upcoming year, at the annual review meeting. Fees are half or less of the initial year’s engagement, and cover all service for the upcoming year.  In exchange for this discount, they are payable, in full, at the annual review meeting.

Quarterly Investment Performance Reports

Each client receives a quarterly performance report for each account. These reports cover a review of investment classes, investments within those classes, performance for the quarter as well as other relevant time periods, and an accounting of all additions, withdrawals, interest, dividends, capital gains (both realized and unrealized), and fees.

Account & Market Commentary Letters

All clients receive a letter on at least a semi-annual basis, comparing their account performance with relevant benchmarks. In addition, these letters offer commentary on topics or conditions affecting investments, such as Federal Reserve policy, the political situation and global conditions.

Financial Plan Revisions

Revisions may involve a complete revision of the initial financial plan, in conjunction with a major change(s) in the client’s situation, or a modular revision, such as retirement planning projections. Typically, these are done under the umbrella of the annual renewal fee, except in the case of complete revisions.

Tax Preparation Assistance

All clients receive assistance with regards to their annual tax return preparation, along with ongoing input regarding tax strategy. This typically includes providing Gains and Losses Reports for all taxable investment accounts, facilitating IRA and other retirement plan contributions, input on when and how to realize gains or losses, withholding, and other related areas.

Estate Planning Assistance

All clients receive assistance with regards to their estate planning. This usually includes guidance on which estate planning documents are recommended and should be discussed with the client’s attorney. It may also include suggested strategies regarding the use of trusts, charitable gifting, the need for life insurance, and so on. Assistance may also include being available for client meetings with the client’s attorney.  Note: Scott M. Buttfield is not an attorney and does not draft legal documents.  His input is in regards to the financial ramifications of different estate planning strategies.

Telephone & Email Access

All clients are entitled to complete telephone and/or internet access. All inquiries are responded to within 24 hours. Typically, calls are returned the same day, in the afternoon, and e-mails upon receipt or at the end of the day. The only exceptions to this policy are in the event of an emergency or vacation. In these cases, voice mail is checked periodically and calls that are of an emergency nature are returned. Non-emergency telephone calls and e-mails are responded to upon my return to the office.